wo(Men)’s Wear… It’s About Time!

There isn’t a happier time for me than when I come across an accessory that I fall head over heels for, and I manage to incorporate it into an outfit. I came across this clock necklace at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago. I was out with Mrs. Gent and her best friend, Adrian. It was a fight to the death between Adrian and me for this stylish accessory. She came across the item first, so the rule of dibs entitled her to ownership. However, pity and a broke college-student budget was on my side, and the prize was mine!

DSCF3321 copy

DSCF3332 copy

If you read my interview with Danielle from Stylistic Aesthetics, my style is inspired by women’s fashion. My girlfriend is mostly to blame for such a muse. In a women’s store, I’ll buy whatever I think can integrate well into my wardrobe. Sunglasses, earrings, backpacks, and I’ve even bought some clothes. When it comes to clothes, I believe we shouldn’t limit ourselves to whatever culture deems appropriate for us to wear. If women can raid our closets, I believe we men should take the same initiative.

DSCF3337 copy

When it comes to accessories, it’s difficult for a man to get into a groove that works. I don’t think a man should have flashy accessories. Diamonds are going to shine regardless if they’re in a watch or a pair of earrings. However, I follow the rule the accessories should be functional and appear you’ve had it for a long time.

DSCF3343 copy

DSCF3346 copy

Since I grabbed my main accessory from a women’s store, I definitely wanted to amp it up with a very masculine outfit. I couldn’t think of anything better than these boots I grabbed from Dirt Cheap. They go for $40 retail at Target, but I like to get great pieces for greater prices. These shoes are tough. I’ve already worn them a couple of times, and they just get better with every wear. Not to mention, I love wearing them because they’re a favorite of Mrs. Gent. They gave me a rugged hiker look which went really well my jean shorts and henley.

I hope I’ve inspired you to go outside of your comfort zone. Women’s clothing stores are the places where I get my best stuff besides thrift stores. What are some good finds you’ve found in the clothing stores of your opposite sex? Leave a comment and let me know.

-D. Wills


Thrift Store Adventures 2

Didn’t imagine I’d be back in a thrift store so soon, but its hard to keep kid away from his favorite playground though. Today, I found myself in Plato’s Closet. It was my sole intention to sale a couple of pieces, but there was a twenty minute wait. Just try not judge. The rest of my errands were done, so I didn’t have anything else to do except have a look around. This wasn’t my usual haul, but I did snag two items that have me excited.


This picture above doesn’t do the pants justice. They’re made by Mossimo a brand from Target, my favorite place to buy pants. These linen pants are a straight-leg cut, not my usual slim cut, but I somehow still fell in love with them. I will definitely be rolling the pant legs up, so I can go sockless and show a little ankle. I found an awesome nautical sweater that matched it perfectly. Sadly, it wasn’t my size. However, it does look good with the other item I grabbed.


I know this looks like an ordinary tangerine polo, but it’s not. This one is made by Duck Head. I feel old talking about this because this brand was HUGE when I was in elementary school. It was probably the Ralph Lauren Polo of my day. The shirt fits amazing! When I see solid color shirts like this whether it be polo, t-shirt or button-down, I try to grab them any chance I can especially when they’re at a reasonable price. They are the foundations of a great wardrobe.

Round up
Duck Head shirt – $6.00
Mossimo linen pants – $10.00

Really hope my excitement wasn’t too overwhelming in this post. The Duck Head really sent me over the edge. Be sure to visit tomorrow for my next post…

-D. Wills