It Still Feels Like Summer Without the Sun

It feels like I’m writing my first post all over again. I decided to take a break because I had a few things that came into my life that needed my immediate attention. However, there was no way I could EVER forget about Clark Gent. This man is a part of who I am, and he’s been itching to get back on here to show you everything he’s been up to. Summer is quickly coming to an end. It doesn’t feel like it here in Mobile, AL. With all of the rain we’ve been having, I’d swear I wouldn’t be able to get a chance to feel the summer sun again. However, it doesn’t have to look like summer for me because I live like it’s summer.

DSCF3437 copy

I have everything you need for a complete summertime wardrobe: bright-colored pants, bold t-shirts, and unique sunnies (sunglasses). The list goes on. However, I was stomping around in Mrs. Gent’s hometown, so I wanted to fly under the radar on this one. I kept the colors really unassuming with my Gap Lived-Wash chinos, and a tank top I cannot remember where I bought it from. The one thing I do know is it fits me perfectly. I finished off the outfit with my white high top Chuck Taylors, and my mirrored lenses from Charlotte Russe.

DSCF3428 copy

DSCF3418 copy

This outfit was great because it perfectly captured the essence of summer. I just decided to turn the concept on its head with a quieter color scheme. This combination of hunter green and gray is great for the fall. With an outfit like this, I usually would have turned up the colors but the day was a little dim. I think my sunglasses added more than enough summer attitude for the day.

DSCF3455 copy

It’s so great to be back again. I pretty sure there won’t be any unexpected incidents that will pull me away from my baby, but you just never know. I’d like to thank Mrs. Clark Gent for taking my pictures. Anyone reading this should go check out her blog as well. While I’ve been absent for some time. Her blog hasn’t missed a beat.

DSCF3389 copy

DSCF3448 copy

-D. Wills