The 2013 Sunglass Grads

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This was the sight of the room of my floor as I was spot cleaning a couple of areas in my room. From your view, it may be tough to count, but I have 61 pairs of sunglasses. This shouldn’t be such a surprise since eye wear accessories made the top two of my 10 Essentials. I don’t understand my obsession, but I definitely love the way a great pair of shades makes me feel. It’s a mix between complete invisibility and arrogance.

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I’m taking it a bit hard that summer is drawing to a close. All of my favorite stores are swapping out my favorite summer accessory for jackets and scarves. Even though there have been gray clouds and rain for the past two weeks, I’m desperate to hold onto the sunny weather that let’s me bust out any one of these beauties you see above. As parents prepare their for kids school and fashionistas putting together their winter wardrobes, I would like to take this time to remember the sunglasses of 2013 that made it one of the best summers EVER!


The 30+ pair that I added to my collection helped shape my summer style. It was my mission to make an impression with every outfit and as the last thing I grabbed before walking out the door. Sunglasses quickly became a bold statement for my summer fashion. Here are a couple of favorites from my collection:

Mostly Likely to Succeed
DSCF3566 copy

Always a staple piece in any wardrobe, my black wayfarers was my go to pair when I wanted to say “I’m cool!”.

Class Clown

Mirror frames became an unexpected favorite for me this summer. I started off thinking they were overly obnoxious. While I’ve changed my mind about wearing them, I still describe them as obnoxious but in a way that is totally charming!
Most Creative
DSCF3564 copy

Keyhole frames have quickly risen as a way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. With a design that isn’t like anything out there, this is pair of sunglasses I love to wear when I’m feeling a little quirky!

Teacher’s Pet

I rarely wear black, so I needed a pair of sunglasses to go with all of the tans and browns in my closet. These leopard print frames are definitely clutch when no other pair will do.

Coolest in the School

If someone absolutely forced me to pick a favorite pair of sunglasses, these would be it. This is the first pair I owned that made me feel simply Cooooooooooool.


In elevating my style, my faux frames have put in the most work to really help me define my style. Of course they would be top of the class, this is the go to accessory for my fashion alter ego.

The class of 2013 are some characters through and through. Like their owner, they don’t know how to act, but they definitely know how to impress.


-D. Wills


It Still Feels Like Summer Without the Sun

It feels like I’m writing my first post all over again. I decided to take a break because I had a few things that came into my life that needed my immediate attention. However, there was no way I could EVER forget about Clark Gent. This man is a part of who I am, and he’s been itching to get back on here to show you everything he’s been up to. Summer is quickly coming to an end. It doesn’t feel like it here in Mobile, AL. With all of the rain we’ve been having, I’d swear I wouldn’t be able to get a chance to feel the summer sun again. However, it doesn’t have to look like summer for me because I live like it’s summer.

DSCF3437 copy

I have everything you need for a complete summertime wardrobe: bright-colored pants, bold t-shirts, and unique sunnies (sunglasses). The list goes on. However, I was stomping around in Mrs. Gent’s hometown, so I wanted to fly under the radar on this one. I kept the colors really unassuming with my Gap Lived-Wash chinos, and a tank top I cannot remember where I bought it from. The one thing I do know is it fits me perfectly. I finished off the outfit with my white high top Chuck Taylors, and my mirrored lenses from Charlotte Russe.

DSCF3428 copy

DSCF3418 copy

This outfit was great because it perfectly captured the essence of summer. I just decided to turn the concept on its head with a quieter color scheme. This combination of hunter green and gray is great for the fall. With an outfit like this, I usually would have turned up the colors but the day was a little dim. I think my sunglasses added more than enough summer attitude for the day.

DSCF3455 copy

It’s so great to be back again. I pretty sure there won’t be any unexpected incidents that will pull me away from my baby, but you just never know. I’d like to thank Mrs. Clark Gent for taking my pictures. Anyone reading this should go check out her blog as well. While I’ve been absent for some time. Her blog hasn’t missed a beat.

DSCF3389 copy

DSCF3448 copy

-D. Wills

10 Essential: Clark Gent… Continued

It’s the exciting conclusion to my 10 Essentials. The five things you’re about to read about here are the absolute things that I cannot live without.

5. Sharpie Pens


What’s a warrior without his sword and writer with his pen. This is the pen that if I let you borrow it, I wouldn’t let you out of my eye sight until I got it back. They write as smooth as butter. Whenver I need to copy down notes or jot something down real quick, it’s always nice to have one of these around. Any other pen is inferior.

4. Converse Chuck Taylors


I respect sneakers heads for their commitment to the obsession, but these Converse are the only pair of sneakers I need. They’re the quickest remedy to dressing down an outfit and not be concerned with whether they’re out of place with your outfit. They’re classic in the best sense of the word!

3. Kindle Fire


I never thought I would see the day when I’d be okay with not holding a book in my hand. I’m an avid reader, and I was anti-tablets when it came to reading books. After reading the first Hunger Games in under three days, I couldn’t imagine what I would do without it now. It doesn’t quite have all of the functionality of an iPad or similar tablets, but it gets me through the most dreary parts of my day.

2. Sunglasses


Go back and read my Black Shades and Floral Prints post, and you’ll know that I cannot do without my sunglasses. I keep a pair in my car, in my bag, and clipped to my shirt. The mirrored lenses are really in right now, and they go great with a smile.

1. Clark Gent glasses


This is the accessory that started the legend. I use these as part of my Clark Kent costume for Halloween, and I just fell in love with the way they looked on my face. Originally, they belonged to Mrs. Gent. I ended up wearing them so much that they became mine by association, and the rest is history.

With that out of the way, I feel GQ ready.


-D. Wills

King of the Castle

What are the things that capture your imagination? The hardest part about doing this blog every week is posing for the pictures. When I’m in front of a camera, I’m always trying to be aware of exactly where every part of my body is. I get so obsessive about the whole thing that I cannot even get outside of myself to provide my readers with some great pictures. I’m not a natural or trained model, so all of my shoots start out with me standing around until I get an idea in my head of where I want to take myself for a shoot.

DSCF3127 copy

If you set me lose on a playground, I’m everywhere. There’s no way you can get me to sit still when I have an entire jungle gym to conquer. I wasn’t thinking about what I look like in these pictures much less the condition of my clothes. All I wanted to do was play! Three years ago you wouldn’t have even been able to catch me in this getup. The pants would have been to tight to run in, and it wouldn’t have made any sense to run around in a button down. However, I cannot get enough of playing dress up. Not only do these look nice on me, but they still give me mobility I desire as a man. I can jump as freely as I please and climb on anything.

DSCF3117 copy

In my mind, Clark Gent is a superhero, and my daily self is the secret identity. I kind of understand why women name their personalities. When DeMarco’s insecurities stand in the way of an opportunity, Clark has no problem pushing him aside and taking the spotlight. There is no internal struggle of good and evil between them. These two respectable men know their roles and respect the others space.

DSCF3125 copy

I love these pictures so much because I forgot I was even taking them. It was just me, the playground, and the amazing adventure my mind turned it all into. It wasn’t about the clothes or the pose. It was just about having fun and running around with my imagination. After I left that playground, I had never felt so inspired to do something productive. My mind was fixed in a place that didn’t mind pushing out this post into the early morning. So after reading this, do you think you’d be able to answer my question? What captures your imagination? What enables you to break free and be yourself? For me, it’s a playground. It’s fashion. It’s writing. It’s anytime I get the chance to combine them all…

DSCF3109 copy

Find your happy place,

-D. Wills

Black Shades and Floral Prints

Today felt like one of those vacation days. The sun was relentless too, but I couldn’t ask for better weather. I’ve been wanting to get into a floral shirt for a long time. I haven’t owned one until recently and I never thought I would find one that would look this good on me.


When I saw this one hanging up in the Goodwill, it was like we were made for each other. I thought I wouldn’t get around to wearing her until some time in July, but I was inspired by the beautiful weather. For me, this was a really great outfit. The colors were vibrant, but I think the best part of the whole thing was the sunglasses.


I’m a sunglasses fanatic. I’m not quite sure where the obsession comes from. I’d like to think that I love them so much because the beach is one of my favorite places. I won’t announce how many I own, but these black wayfarers are the foundation of my collection. If you’re a rookie in the sunglasses game, this is definitely the pair to start off with. Wayfarers fit just about every face shape, and you can find these at any store. I got these from Charlotte Russe for $5.


If you can’t tell from some of my recent posts, I love clothes, but I’m cheap. When I first starting getting into fashion, I read GQ religiously. The only problem was everything their models wore was insanely expensive. As an unemployed graduate, I can’t live that kind of lifestyle right now (one day though!). However, I was taught one important lesson for putting together an amazing outfit: the fit.


I buy all of my pants in a slim cut. They don’t have to be super skinny. My shirts are usually an athletic cut, and I love the ones that are made with spandex woven into them. With men’s fashion becoming a booming business, these clothing specifications aren’t even hard to find. I’m not about to go off into a rant. However, feel free to a comment on any of my posts or send me an email. I love talking about fashion. It doesn’t matter the gender or age group. I started this blog because I love talking about fashion. Also, I tend to get on people’s nerves once they get me going. So, feel free to comment on any of my posts or send me an email. I’m always up for a friendly chat.


Enjoy your day!

-D. Wills

Cheers All Around!!

In the excitement of my recent post, I forgot to mention some more good news. Clark Gent has received it’s first bit of press. My OOTD (outfit of the day) was by featured by Instagram user fashionforward_plus. Her posts mainly consist of photos of fashionable plus sized women, but she takes submission from men from time to time. Make sure you check it out and like it. It’s up to 84 likes as we speak. Expect more great things from Clark Gent…


-D. Wills