The 2013 Sunglass Grads

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This was the sight of the room of my floor as I was spot cleaning a couple of areas in my room. From your view, it may be tough to count, but I have 61 pairs of sunglasses. This shouldn’t be such a surprise since eye wear accessories made the top two of my 10 Essentials. I don’t understand my obsession, but I definitely love the way a great pair of shades makes me feel. It’s a mix between complete invisibility and arrogance.

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I’m taking it a bit hard that summer is drawing to a close. All of my favorite stores are swapping out my favorite summer accessory for jackets and scarves. Even though there have been gray clouds and rain for the past two weeks, I’m desperate to hold onto the sunny weather that let’s me bust out any one of these beauties you see above. As parents prepare their for kids school and fashionistas putting together their winter wardrobes, I would like to take this time to remember the sunglasses of 2013 that made it one of the best summers EVER!


The 30+ pair that I added to my collection helped shape my summer style. It was my mission to make an impression with every outfit and as the last thing I grabbed before walking out the door. Sunglasses quickly became a bold statement for my summer fashion. Here are a couple of favorites from my collection:

Mostly Likely to Succeed
DSCF3566 copy

Always a staple piece in any wardrobe, my black wayfarers was my go to pair when I wanted to say “I’m cool!”.

Class Clown

Mirror frames became an unexpected favorite for me this summer. I started off thinking they were overly obnoxious. While I’ve changed my mind about wearing them, I still describe them as obnoxious but in a way that is totally charming!
Most Creative
DSCF3564 copy

Keyhole frames have quickly risen as a way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. With a design that isn’t like anything out there, this is pair of sunglasses I love to wear when I’m feeling a little quirky!

Teacher’s Pet

I rarely wear black, so I needed a pair of sunglasses to go with all of the tans and browns in my closet. These leopard print frames are definitely clutch when no other pair will do.

Coolest in the School

If someone absolutely forced me to pick a favorite pair of sunglasses, these would be it. This is the first pair I owned that made me feel simply Cooooooooooool.


In elevating my style, my faux frames have put in the most work to really help me define my style. Of course they would be top of the class, this is the go to accessory for my fashion alter ego.

The class of 2013 are some characters through and through. Like their owner, they don’t know how to act, but they definitely know how to impress.


-D. Wills


Meet Me After School

I didn’t think it’d take me this long to sit down and actually write something. I kind of fell off of the radar and unintentionally took some time for myself. Now, it feels like I’m sitting back in class after a five day weekend, and I have to figure out how to take notes all over again. Schools out for the summer, but you’ll still catch me rocking a backpack even after all of the kids have been set free for the summer.


Just like purses, I considered backpacks a nuisance. The only thing I needed to carry was my wallet, phone, and keys. My motto was if it couldn’t fit in my pocket, I didn’t need to take it with me. In those days, my pants were a heck of a lot baggier, so I should have been able to carry whatever I wanted with no problem. My motto hasn’t deviated too far in regards to the objects I carry with me in my travels, but I find my backpack a comforting companion I couldn’t see myself without now. Even if I’m not walking with it, I at least have it in the car with me.


My obsession with fashion backpacks started with a cognac color leather one I came across at Charlotte Russe. Sadly, it isn’t here with me today, but it will always be remembered. It caught my eye the minute I saw it on the floor. At the time, I was still carrying everything in my pockets. However, I caught the bag on sale for $15, and the rest was style history. I was tossing everything into that bag. It was so convenient, and it went with almost any ensemble you could think of.


Even though I haven’t been able to find a backpack to replace my first, I’ve been able to put together a decent collection to keep up with my ever expanding wardrobe. One reason why my first bag couldn’t stand the test of time was I loaded her down with anything and everything. Guys and maybe girls, the secret to pulling off the backpack look is to only store the necessities inside of it. There’s no need to be living out of it even though there maybe a time when that comes.


Here is everything that is always in my backpack without fail. As you can see, toiletries make up the majority of my contents inside of my backpack. Remember this isn’t your backpack from school. This one can’t take the same kind of beating. Otherwise, you end up like me and lose a great companion for those journeys away from home.


Well wishes from Clark Gent and his backpack clan!

-D. Wills

Black Shades and Floral Prints

Today felt like one of those vacation days. The sun was relentless too, but I couldn’t ask for better weather. I’ve been wanting to get into a floral shirt for a long time. I haven’t owned one until recently and I never thought I would find one that would look this good on me.


When I saw this one hanging up in the Goodwill, it was like we were made for each other. I thought I wouldn’t get around to wearing her until some time in July, but I was inspired by the beautiful weather. For me, this was a really great outfit. The colors were vibrant, but I think the best part of the whole thing was the sunglasses.


I’m a sunglasses fanatic. I’m not quite sure where the obsession comes from. I’d like to think that I love them so much because the beach is one of my favorite places. I won’t announce how many I own, but these black wayfarers are the foundation of my collection. If you’re a rookie in the sunglasses game, this is definitely the pair to start off with. Wayfarers fit just about every face shape, and you can find these at any store. I got these from Charlotte Russe for $5.


If you can’t tell from some of my recent posts, I love clothes, but I’m cheap. When I first starting getting into fashion, I read GQ religiously. The only problem was everything their models wore was insanely expensive. As an unemployed graduate, I can’t live that kind of lifestyle right now (one day though!). However, I was taught one important lesson for putting together an amazing outfit: the fit.


I buy all of my pants in a slim cut. They don’t have to be super skinny. My shirts are usually an athletic cut, and I love the ones that are made with spandex woven into them. With men’s fashion becoming a booming business, these clothing specifications aren’t even hard to find. I’m not about to go off into a rant. However, feel free to a comment on any of my posts or send me an email. I love talking about fashion. It doesn’t matter the gender or age group. I started this blog because I love talking about fashion. Also, I tend to get on people’s nerves once they get me going. So, feel free to comment on any of my posts or send me an email. I’m always up for a friendly chat.


Enjoy your day!

-D. Wills