This past Saturday I met up with business partner/friend, Brett, to discuss the progress of our business venture, and some of the ideas we had for pushing us on into the future. To say the least, it was a very productive meeting. I even managed to receive a kind word in the form of a compliment. However repeating it in such a public arena, his scorn would rain down upon me, and I would never hear the end of it. Then, on my way home, I started a conversation with Mrs. Gent. It was more of her venting and me listening, but I suddenly developed this call to action. I went to bed exhausted, but my was mind fully at work with notions to start building a better me both professionally and personally. My fire was reignited.

DSCF3291 copy

With the many times I’ve been turned for reporter and writing positions, those rejections started to weigh heavily on my spirit. I started going through my life on auto pilot. Every day it was good enough for me just to wake up, go to work, get in bed and do it all over again the next day. My complacency was even manifesting itself through the content of my blog. I was getting sloppy in my writing and lazy about making the effort to take photos for my post. Not anymore I say!

DSCF3299 copy

I’m pushing myself now more than I ever have, so I can be just as brilliant as the orange cap sitting a top of my head. Because I cannot ask anyone to hold me to a certain standard when, I refuse to do so myself. I’ve thrown myself back into a strict workout regime, sending in resumes to publications and believing in myself.

DSCF3309 copy

Orange is the best color to represent my new work ethic. Against any background, it’s the first thing that catches your eye. This is how I want to be when presenting myself to a potential employer. Anytime you want to go with an eye-catching color likes this bright orange, I always suggest pairing it with a very simple outfit. I got these medium-washed cutoff shorts from JCP. They’re the perfect anchor for an outfit if you decide you want to get a little crazy with your top. I put mine together with a graphic tank top I got from American Eagle and some canvas sneakers from JCP also. Each one of them had a little splash of orange that just called for my orange Polo cap to be used to bring it out. What is the color that takes the suck out of your day? During those times it feels like you’re being dragged down, throw that color on to make your day seem brighter.

DSCF3313 copy

-D. Wills


The Great Nautical Escape

Here I am attempting to take some great pictures for my next post, and I get interrupted by hotel security about loitering in the hallways. We could have simply explained what we were doing and been done with the entire ordeal. However, in true Gent fashion, the Mrs. and I decided to make a break for it and have a little fun with the guy.

DSCF3184 copy

The hotel chase had us traversing across four floors and down a couple flights of gloomy stairs. For it to be so late at night, security was quite persistent with apprehending us. However if Gents do go down, we most certainly will not do so without an epic chase scene and an assortment of well selected hiding spots.

DSCF3204 copy

After finding refuge in the lounge area, we decided to catch our breath and figure out what aided us in our successful getaway. Mrs. Gent believed that our carefully selected hiding spots kept us out of harms way, but I figured it had something to do with my nautical inspired outfit. My linen pants gave me free range motion, and my shirt fitted me like a fine glove. It allowed me to lead our getaway efforts and ensure our safety.

DSCF3208 copy

The only thing I regret about our little adventure was the quality of the pictures. But, I have to say. I think a great story always trumps some style pictures any day. I’d like to think Mrs. Gent for giving us the moniker the High Fashion Bonnie and Clyde. Until next time…

DSCF3220 copy

-D. Wills