Breaking Fashion Promises

There are two things I began to notice about myself when putting together this post. 1. I’ve been wearing quite a bit of red, white and blue this summer. 2. Plain diamond earrings are not satisfying my fashion accessory appetite anymore.

DSCF3485 copy

DSCF3482 copy

I’m really not sure if it has something to do with the Americana trend that passed over like a cloud this summer, but I’ve been walking out the door with these three colors on for a good deal of my summer. My outfit for this particular outing was rather tame. When the 4th of July rolled around, I let them completely explode.

DSCF3319 copy

When I started rebuilding my wardrobe, I swore to myself that I would never put these colors together again. For the longest time, I remember my old wardrobe mainly consisting of blue jeans, red shirts and white or black shoes. These three colors can be the foundation of a great outfit. If you want to use these colors and keep the outfit from looking to basic, you should switch the primary roles of the colors in the outfit. Instead of wearing a blue bottom, opt for red or white like I did for my Independence Day look above.


If this work for you, then you should coming out swinging with some killer accessories. My aqua watch and button shaped earrings showed up for the occasion. The amount of giddiness I had in wearing these earrings could only be expressed by my attempt to create a word (giddiness). Check out my 10 Essential, you’ll know how extensive my collection is. Diamond studs and pearls aren’t enough anymore. These ears need the jewelry to be various colors, shapes and characters. I cannot wait for you all to see my robot shaped earrings either.

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-D. Wills


10 Essentials: Clark Gent

GQ is one of my favorite publications in the world. It’s my dream to one day write for them and even serve as the editor. One of my favorite stories that they do is their 10 Essential feature. If you’re unfamiliar with it, they ask fashion industry insiders, designers, celebrities and various personalities to list ten things they cannot live without and talk about why they love them so. Some of the hobbies and items I’ve done in the past have been inspired by this story. I decided it would be fun to do the story myself in preparation for when GQ decides to sit down with me.

10. Tic Tacs

DSCF3172 copy

The white ones are my favorite. I discovered these addictive little candies back in middle school. Then, I wasn’t concerned with their breath freshening usefulness and more for the delicious vanilla flavor. Now, I always pop one after any meal when I’m out and about. I can’t talk to other fashionistas with bad breath.

9. Backpack

DSCF3166 copy

All of my readers know the special place fashion backpacks have in my heart. You’re guaranteed to never catch me out and about without my faithful companion. This tan one has to be my favorite. Those blue stripes on the straps gives it that nautical feel, and it goes with just about every outfit I can think of. I scored this one from Forever 21 as a gift from the Mrs., Gent that is.

8. Sperry Top Siders

DSCF3163 copy

These were my first expensive purchase as a fashionista three years ago. The first pair I owned I wore them with everything and everywhere, and they’re beat to hell as a result. There are versatile piece that should be an essential to any man’s wardrobe in the summer.

7. Polo caps

DSCF3167 copy

Another Mrs. Gent gift, this khaki one was predecessor to the collection I have amassed today. I didn’t get into hats until after I cut my hair. After I did chop the locks, I spiraled out of control into an obsession my wallet hates me for.

6. Earrings


It’s one of the most subtle things on my list that also grabs the most attention. When it comes to men’s fashion, the jury is still out on them as an acceptable accessory in our industry, but I never leave the house without putting them on. I started off wearing the plain diamonds, but I ventured off into other colors and shapes. With all of that experimenting, I came across my favorite pair which isn’t shown: pearls. Their a staple in women’s accessories, but I likes to believe I look quite distinguished in mines.

I hope you enjoyed the first five things I cannot live without. Come back the same time next Thursday to see my top 5 Essentials.

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-D. Wills