Breaking Fashion Promises

There are two things I began to notice about myself when putting together this post. 1. I’ve been wearing quite a bit of red, white and blue this summer. 2. Plain diamond earrings are not satisfying my fashion accessory appetite anymore.

DSCF3485 copy

DSCF3482 copy

I’m really not sure if it has something to do with the Americana trend that passed over like a cloud this summer, but I’ve been walking out the door with these three colors on for a good deal of my summer. My outfit for this particular outing was rather tame. When the 4th of July rolled around, I let them completely explode.

DSCF3319 copy

When I started rebuilding my wardrobe, I swore to myself that I would never put these colors together again. For the longest time, I remember my old wardrobe mainly consisting of blue jeans, red shirts and white or black shoes. These three colors can be the foundation of a great outfit. If you want to use these colors and keep the outfit from looking to basic, you should switch the primary roles of the colors in the outfit. Instead of wearing a blue bottom, opt for red or white like I did for my Independence Day look above.


If this work for you, then you should coming out swinging with some killer accessories. My aqua watch and button shaped earrings showed up for the occasion. The amount of giddiness I had in wearing these earrings could only be expressed by my attempt to create a word (giddiness). Check out my 10 Essential, you’ll know how extensive my collection is. Diamond studs and pearls aren’t enough anymore. These ears need the jewelry to be various colors, shapes and characters. I cannot wait for you all to see my robot shaped earrings either.

DSCF3488 copy

-D. Wills