The Great Nautical Escape

Here I am attempting to take some great pictures for my next post, and I get interrupted by hotel security about loitering in the hallways. We could have simply explained what we were doing and been done with the entire ordeal. However, in true Gent fashion, the Mrs. and I decided to make a break for it and have a little fun with the guy.

DSCF3184 copy

The hotel chase had us traversing across four floors and down a couple flights of gloomy stairs. For it to be so late at night, security was quite persistent with apprehending us. However if Gents do go down, we most certainly will not do so without an epic chase scene and an assortment of well selected hiding spots.

DSCF3204 copy

After finding refuge in the lounge area, we decided to catch our breath and figure out what aided us in our successful getaway. Mrs. Gent believed that our carefully selected hiding spots kept us out of harms way, but I figured it had something to do with my nautical inspired outfit. My linen pants gave me free range motion, and my shirt fitted me like a fine glove. It allowed me to lead our getaway efforts and ensure our safety.

DSCF3208 copy

The only thing I regret about our little adventure was the quality of the pictures. But, I have to say. I think a great story always trumps some style pictures any day. I’d like to think Mrs. Gent for giving us the moniker the High Fashion Bonnie and Clyde. Until next time…

DSCF3220 copy

-D. Wills


10 Essentials: Clark Gent

GQ is one of my favorite publications in the world. It’s my dream to one day write for them and even serve as the editor. One of my favorite stories that they do is their 10 Essential feature. If you’re unfamiliar with it, they ask fashion industry insiders, designers, celebrities and various personalities to list ten things they cannot live without and talk about why they love them so. Some of the hobbies and items I’ve done in the past have been inspired by this story. I decided it would be fun to do the story myself in preparation for when GQ decides to sit down with me.

10. Tic Tacs

DSCF3172 copy

The white ones are my favorite. I discovered these addictive little candies back in middle school. Then, I wasn’t concerned with their breath freshening usefulness and more for the delicious vanilla flavor. Now, I always pop one after any meal when I’m out and about. I can’t talk to other fashionistas with bad breath.

9. Backpack

DSCF3166 copy

All of my readers know the special place fashion backpacks have in my heart. You’re guaranteed to never catch me out and about without my faithful companion. This tan one has to be my favorite. Those blue stripes on the straps gives it that nautical feel, and it goes with just about every outfit I can think of. I scored this one from Forever 21 as a gift from the Mrs., Gent that is.

8. Sperry Top Siders

DSCF3163 copy

These were my first expensive purchase as a fashionista three years ago. The first pair I owned I wore them with everything and everywhere, and they’re beat to hell as a result. There are versatile piece that should be an essential to any man’s wardrobe in the summer.

7. Polo caps

DSCF3167 copy

Another Mrs. Gent gift, this khaki one was predecessor to the collection I have amassed today. I didn’t get into hats until after I cut my hair. After I did chop the locks, I spiraled out of control into an obsession my wallet hates me for.

6. Earrings


It’s one of the most subtle things on my list that also grabs the most attention. When it comes to men’s fashion, the jury is still out on them as an acceptable accessory in our industry, but I never leave the house without putting them on. I started off wearing the plain diamonds, but I ventured off into other colors and shapes. With all of that experimenting, I came across my favorite pair which isn’t shown: pearls. Their a staple in women’s accessories, but I likes to believe I look quite distinguished in mines.

I hope you enjoyed the first five things I cannot live without. Come back the same time next Thursday to see my top 5 Essentials.

DSCF3160 copy

-D. Wills

The Post That Almost Wasn’t… Me Then

This is the post that almost wasn’t. I’ve been on a path of self sabotage recently that has had me doubting myself. In light of the strides I’ve made, it’s been hard to recognize much of the progress I’ve made. I was becoming a recluse and finding myself stepping away from the people that are close to me in order to just feel pity for myself. I can just tell you right now it’s just not the place to be. Whenever I feel myself getting into a rut, I try to catch it before it gets out of hand. One of the ways I do this is by looking back into my past and seeing how far I’ve come. I always like to look at old pictures of myself for a great laugh.


All of these photos are from the pre-Gent period. It’s from a time where I pretending not to care about my image, but I wanted nothing more than to look like the amazing person I was on the inside. I have to say that my clothes were HORRIBLE. I really tried my best, but I honestly had no idea what worked for me. Even though I didn’t have the strongest fashion sense, there is one good thing I can say about the me from back then. The DeMarco Wills is these pictures was fearless and frighteningly optimistic. My smile was huge, and it took something TRULY epic to get me down. I didn’t believe in bad days or hating life. I was always excited to see what a new day brought.


However, I’ve seen that life can be a real BITCH sometimes. Someone taught me that we should always look at the good times we’ve had in life. Everyone has a story, and we’ve all experience our share of tragedy. However, we cannot let ourselves be consumed by those pitfalls. Look at the smile in these pictures, it was not held back by the obstacles I’ve had to overcome.


No need to worry though because Gent is still chugging along. I always rise from my ashes like a phoenix. Tell me. What do you do to get yourself out of a rut? How do you continue to stay in a happy place? I would love to hear.


-D. Wills

King of the Castle

What are the things that capture your imagination? The hardest part about doing this blog every week is posing for the pictures. When I’m in front of a camera, I’m always trying to be aware of exactly where every part of my body is. I get so obsessive about the whole thing that I cannot even get outside of myself to provide my readers with some great pictures. I’m not a natural or trained model, so all of my shoots start out with me standing around until I get an idea in my head of where I want to take myself for a shoot.

DSCF3127 copy

If you set me lose on a playground, I’m everywhere. There’s no way you can get me to sit still when I have an entire jungle gym to conquer. I wasn’t thinking about what I look like in these pictures much less the condition of my clothes. All I wanted to do was play! Three years ago you wouldn’t have even been able to catch me in this getup. The pants would have been to tight to run in, and it wouldn’t have made any sense to run around in a button down. However, I cannot get enough of playing dress up. Not only do these look nice on me, but they still give me mobility I desire as a man. I can jump as freely as I please and climb on anything.

DSCF3117 copy

In my mind, Clark Gent is a superhero, and my daily self is the secret identity. I kind of understand why women name their personalities. When DeMarco’s insecurities stand in the way of an opportunity, Clark has no problem pushing him aside and taking the spotlight. There is no internal struggle of good and evil between them. These two respectable men know their roles and respect the others space.

DSCF3125 copy

I love these pictures so much because I forgot I was even taking them. It was just me, the playground, and the amazing adventure my mind turned it all into. It wasn’t about the clothes or the pose. It was just about having fun and running around with my imagination. After I left that playground, I had never felt so inspired to do something productive. My mind was fixed in a place that didn’t mind pushing out this post into the early morning. So after reading this, do you think you’d be able to answer my question? What captures your imagination? What enables you to break free and be yourself? For me, it’s a playground. It’s fashion. It’s writing. It’s anytime I get the chance to combine them all…

DSCF3109 copy

Find your happy place,

-D. Wills

I think one of the most important things we own in this world are our words. I’ve dabbled in a little of everything throughout my life but have always come back to writing as my form of expression. I went through many transition as a writer. At first, I pretty much hid the fact that I could write because there was this stigma about a male just sitting around writing all the time. He should be doing something better with his time like playing a sport or something. However, it’s always been my experience that if you want a guy to do something just involve girls that he wants to impress then he quickly changes his mind.

SAM_0106 copy

I started writing poetry to impress girls plain and simple. Women love when a man is expressive. I’ve never met one that didn’t love hearing how much she’s appreciated. So, I would scribbled in my red notebook every day in class. I’d create a little mystery by always keeping it covered when I wrote inside of it, and the ladies came crawling like moths to flame. Even though my intentions for writing were quite shallow, it has always been a source of comfort. I like sitting in the privacy of my room with the door closed professing my deepest thoughts into the night in my notebook. I don’t believe any writer just writes one type of thing. They be a novelist, blogger or a journalist for their career, but they’re always dabbling into something else. I think I’ve done it all: poetry, short stories, comics, novels, news stories, etc… For some reason, I keep coming back to poetry. It’s one of the most lovely forms I’ve ever known. I think if I could I would probably name my first born after this art because It’s been such an important piece of my life, but I wouldn’t want to scar them for life.

SAM_0101 copy

I’ve recently started back writing again, poetry that is. For a while, I’ve kind of had a mental block on that side of myself, and I wasn’t able to tap into it. I soon figured out that I was so hung up on making it sound good that I wasn’t able to be honest with myself and write some honest to goodness poems. In my new state of being, I’d like to share my newest piece with you. It was dedicated to Mrs. Clark Gent for our recent three year anniversary.

I Never Expected

It started off just like any other night
After so long It became a routine of empty wine cooler bottles
And the incoherent mumbles of television chatter
Droned out by the hearty laughter of two souls
One wandering
One exploring
Discovering that there is still hope for their opposite sex after all
But these nights always ended so awkwardly
Silently because neither one of us wanted to say good bye
Couldn’t bear to take another one of those walks into the night
That left our bodies aching from the urge to be touched
Sought after and satisfied
It started off just like any other night
But it transitioned into a kiss
And I was hooked
There weren’t any butterflies in my stomach
Just a carnal hunger
A primal instinct to put everything into this woman
And leaving nothing left of her but a smile
And an orgasm that would forever rumble at the cradle of her existence
All I wanted to do was f**k
Plunge my sexual frustrations
Into the four corners of her
And leave her lying there
But as my stroke rampaged her chastity
Something was happening
All of me was sealed neatly into the rubber
But pieces of me were still getting inside of her
her broken heart was chipping away at mine
And we were making an emotional mess all over the night
There weren’t any tears
Only a medley of noises
That was a disturbance to anyone else
But to those two souls inside of those four walls
We were sampling a song
My father’s father’s father
Sang to my mother’s mother’s mother
When we could finally let each other go.
he and she no longer existed
As two chocolate deities lay tangled in a bed together preordained by the Almighty Himself
They waited for their worlds to stop shaking
So the sun could split the horizon
And they start their lives together…

Let me know what you think. I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much Jas…

-D. Wills

The First Ever Clark adGENTure!!!

I’ve been trying to get downtown and shoot some pictures for a post even before I started writing a blog. Downtown Mobile is place with a culture all of its own. When I finally found the opportunity to go down there I jumped on it. However as I was taking pictures and looking over them, I couldn’t think of a story or an idea to go with the post. It kind of felt like the story should be less about my clothes and more about the adventure itself. So, I took hold of my fedora and embarked on a mini adventure around Downtown Mobile. I was delighted to be accompanied by my fellow blogger and beautiful girlfriend Mrs. Clark Gent. We’ve just come off of celebrating our three year anniversary, and I think this was an excellent end to a wonderful celebration for us. We even got the chance to sample some of the local cuisine from a little place called Mama’s. Therefore, I’m deviating from my regular dialogue and letting my pictures do all of the talking. I present to you a tale of a great location, great food, great pictures and even greater fashion!


DSCF3016 copy


DSCF3073 copy





DSCF3054 copy





-D. Wills

Take Note Of…

I’m happy to announce that Clark Gent was featured in a blog post along with four other fashionable gentlemen. It was courtesy of Danielle French and her blog Stylistic Aesthetics.

Danielle French

It is something I’m really excited about, and I hope you all get the chance to check it out. You can just click on the picture I sent in to see the post.


-D. Wills