Weekend Warrior

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who attacked a new adventure every weekend. Slowly, I’m starting to become more social and stop telling myself no when someone invites me out somewhere which is how I ended up in the sweet town of Jackson, AL visiting my love Mrs. Gent. It was the city’s annual Fall Festival, and I wasn’t ready for the treat I was in store for.


I got dressed that morning prepared for a bit of cold weather, but the weather never turns out the way it’s supposed to in southern Alabama. It’s the beginning of November, and I can still rock a pair of shorts a couple of days throughout the week.



The city’s main street is lined with booths and tables with people selling their wares and crafts. If I knew how epic this adventure was going to be, I would have made the trip with more than $15 in my pocket. I did make sure not to leave my walking boots at home.


I was really digging my Steve McQueen look next to this Mustang. Representing Charlotte Russe on my feet, I kept everything simple about this outfit except the color. These jeans which have survived countless washes and wears have seamlessly transitioned into my fall wardrobe when I want to casually make a statement. Whenever I do a neutral ensemble, I like to throw something in there that will stand out. Red is always a the best choice when you want to make a statement with color.

Until next time,

-D. Wills
Clark Gent