It Still Feels Like Summer Without the Sun

It feels like I’m writing my first post all over again. I decided to take a break because I had a few things that came into my life that needed my immediate attention. However, there was no way I could EVER forget about Clark Gent. This man is a part of who I am, and he’s been itching to get back on here to show you everything he’s been up to. Summer is quickly coming to an end. It doesn’t feel like it here in Mobile, AL. With all of the rain we’ve been having, I’d swear I wouldn’t be able to get a chance to feel the summer sun again. However, it doesn’t have to look like summer for me because I live like it’s summer.

DSCF3437 copy

I have everything you need for a complete summertime wardrobe: bright-colored pants, bold t-shirts, and unique sunnies (sunglasses). The list goes on. However, I was stomping around in Mrs. Gent’s hometown, so I wanted to fly under the radar on this one. I kept the colors really unassuming with my Gap Lived-Wash chinos, and a tank top I cannot remember where I bought it from. The one thing I do know is it fits me perfectly. I finished off the outfit with my white high top Chuck Taylors, and my mirrored lenses from Charlotte Russe.

DSCF3428 copy

DSCF3418 copy

This outfit was great because it perfectly captured the essence of summer. I just decided to turn the concept on its head with a quieter color scheme. This combination of hunter green and gray is great for the fall. With an outfit like this, I usually would have turned up the colors but the day was a little dim. I think my sunglasses added more than enough summer attitude for the day.

DSCF3455 copy

It’s so great to be back again. I pretty sure there won’t be any unexpected incidents that will pull me away from my baby, but you just never know. I’d like to thank Mrs. Clark Gent for taking my pictures. Anyone reading this should go check out her blog as well. While I’ve been absent for some time. Her blog hasn’t missed a beat.

DSCF3389 copy

DSCF3448 copy

-D. Wills


wo(Men)’s Wear… It’s About Time!

There isn’t a happier time for me than when I come across an accessory that I fall head over heels for, and I manage to incorporate it into an outfit. I came across this clock necklace at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago. I was out with Mrs. Gent and her best friend, Adrian. It was a fight to the death between Adrian and me for this stylish accessory. She came across the item first, so the rule of dibs entitled her to ownership. However, pity and a broke college-student budget was on my side, and the prize was mine!

DSCF3321 copy

DSCF3332 copy

If you read my interview with Danielle from Stylistic Aesthetics, my style is inspired by women’s fashion. My girlfriend is mostly to blame for such a muse. In a women’s store, I’ll buy whatever I think can integrate well into my wardrobe. Sunglasses, earrings, backpacks, and I’ve even bought some clothes. When it comes to clothes, I believe we shouldn’t limit ourselves to whatever culture deems appropriate for us to wear. If women can raid our closets, I believe we men should take the same initiative.

DSCF3337 copy

When it comes to accessories, it’s difficult for a man to get into a groove that works. I don’t think a man should have flashy accessories. Diamonds are going to shine regardless if they’re in a watch or a pair of earrings. However, I follow the rule the accessories should be functional and appear you’ve had it for a long time.

DSCF3343 copy

DSCF3346 copy

Since I grabbed my main accessory from a women’s store, I definitely wanted to amp it up with a very masculine outfit. I couldn’t think of anything better than these boots I grabbed from Dirt Cheap. They go for $40 retail at Target, but I like to get great pieces for greater prices. These shoes are tough. I’ve already worn them a couple of times, and they just get better with every wear. Not to mention, I love wearing them because they’re a favorite of Mrs. Gent. They gave me a rugged hiker look which went really well my jean shorts and henley.

I hope I’ve inspired you to go outside of your comfort zone. Women’s clothing stores are the places where I get my best stuff besides thrift stores. What are some good finds you’ve found in the clothing stores of your opposite sex? Leave a comment and let me know.

-D. Wills


This past Saturday I met up with business partner/friend, Brett, to discuss the progress of our business venture, and some of the ideas we had for pushing us on into the future. To say the least, it was a very productive meeting. I even managed to receive a kind word in the form of a compliment. However repeating it in such a public arena, his scorn would rain down upon me, and I would never hear the end of it. Then, on my way home, I started a conversation with Mrs. Gent. It was more of her venting and me listening, but I suddenly developed this call to action. I went to bed exhausted, but my was mind fully at work with notions to start building a better me both professionally and personally. My fire was reignited.

DSCF3291 copy

With the many times I’ve been turned for reporter and writing positions, those rejections started to weigh heavily on my spirit. I started going through my life on auto pilot. Every day it was good enough for me just to wake up, go to work, get in bed and do it all over again the next day. My complacency was even manifesting itself through the content of my blog. I was getting sloppy in my writing and lazy about making the effort to take photos for my post. Not anymore I say!

DSCF3299 copy

I’m pushing myself now more than I ever have, so I can be just as brilliant as the orange cap sitting a top of my head. Because I cannot ask anyone to hold me to a certain standard when, I refuse to do so myself. I’ve thrown myself back into a strict workout regime, sending in resumes to publications and believing in myself.

DSCF3309 copy

Orange is the best color to represent my new work ethic. Against any background, it’s the first thing that catches your eye. This is how I want to be when presenting myself to a potential employer. Anytime you want to go with an eye-catching color likes this bright orange, I always suggest pairing it with a very simple outfit. I got these medium-washed cutoff shorts from JCP. They’re the perfect anchor for an outfit if you decide you want to get a little crazy with your top. I put mine together with a graphic tank top I got from American Eagle and some canvas sneakers from JCP also. Each one of them had a little splash of orange that just called for my orange Polo cap to be used to bring it out. What is the color that takes the suck out of your day? During those times it feels like you’re being dragged down, throw that color on to make your day seem brighter.

DSCF3313 copy

-D. Wills