The Great Nautical Escape

Here I am attempting to take some great pictures for my next post, and I get interrupted by hotel security about loitering in the hallways. We could have simply explained what we were doing and been done with the entire ordeal. However, in true Gent fashion, the Mrs. and I decided to make a break for it and have a little fun with the guy.

DSCF3184 copy

The hotel chase had us traversing across four floors and down a couple flights of gloomy stairs. For it to be so late at night, security was quite persistent with apprehending us. However if Gents do go down, we most certainly will not do so without an epic chase scene and an assortment of well selected hiding spots.

DSCF3204 copy

After finding refuge in the lounge area, we decided to catch our breath and figure out what aided us in our successful getaway. Mrs. Gent believed that our carefully selected hiding spots kept us out of harms way, but I figured it had something to do with my nautical inspired outfit. My linen pants gave me free range motion, and my shirt fitted me like a fine glove. It allowed me to lead our getaway efforts and ensure our safety.

DSCF3208 copy

The only thing I regret about our little adventure was the quality of the pictures. But, I have to say. I think a great story always trumps some style pictures any day. I’d like to think Mrs. Gent for giving us the moniker the High Fashion Bonnie and Clyde. Until next time…

DSCF3220 copy

-D. Wills


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