The Post That Almost Wasn’t… Me Then

This is the post that almost wasn’t. I’ve been on a path of self sabotage recently that has had me doubting myself. In light of the strides I’ve made, it’s been hard to recognize much of the progress I’ve made. I was becoming a recluse and finding myself stepping away from the people that are close to me in order to just feel pity for myself. I can just tell you right now it’s just not the place to be. Whenever I feel myself getting into a rut, I try to catch it before it gets out of hand. One of the ways I do this is by looking back into my past and seeing how far I’ve come. I always like to look at old pictures of myself for a great laugh.


All of these photos are from the pre-Gent period. It’s from a time where I pretending not to care about my image, but I wanted nothing more than to look like the amazing person I was on the inside. I have to say that my clothes were HORRIBLE. I really tried my best, but I honestly had no idea what worked for me. Even though I didn’t have the strongest fashion sense, there is one good thing I can say about the me from back then. The DeMarco Wills is these pictures was fearless and frighteningly optimistic. My smile was huge, and it took something TRULY epic to get me down. I didn’t believe in bad days or hating life. I was always excited to see what a new day brought.


However, I’ve seen that life can be a real BITCH sometimes. Someone taught me that we should always look at the good times we’ve had in life. Everyone has a story, and we’ve all experience our share of tragedy. However, we cannot let ourselves be consumed by those pitfalls. Look at the smile in these pictures, it was not held back by the obstacles I’ve had to overcome.


No need to worry though because Gent is still chugging along. I always rise from my ashes like a phoenix. Tell me. What do you do to get yourself out of a rut? How do you continue to stay in a happy place? I would love to hear.


-D. Wills


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