King of the Castle

What are the things that capture your imagination? The hardest part about doing this blog every week is posing for the pictures. When I’m in front of a camera, I’m always trying to be aware of exactly where every part of my body is. I get so obsessive about the whole thing that I cannot even get outside of myself to provide my readers with some great pictures. I’m not a natural or trained model, so all of my shoots start out with me standing around until I get an idea in my head of where I want to take myself for a shoot.

DSCF3127 copy

If you set me lose on a playground, I’m everywhere. There’s no way you can get me to sit still when I have an entire jungle gym to conquer. I wasn’t thinking about what I look like in these pictures much less the condition of my clothes. All I wanted to do was play! Three years ago you wouldn’t have even been able to catch me in this getup. The pants would have been to tight to run in, and it wouldn’t have made any sense to run around in a button down. However, I cannot get enough of playing dress up. Not only do these look nice on me, but they still give me mobility I desire as a man. I can jump as freely as I please and climb on anything.

DSCF3117 copy

In my mind, Clark Gent is a superhero, and my daily self is the secret identity. I kind of understand why women name their personalities. When DeMarco’s insecurities stand in the way of an opportunity, Clark has no problem pushing him aside and taking the spotlight. There is no internal struggle of good and evil between them. These two respectable men know their roles and respect the others space.

DSCF3125 copy

I love these pictures so much because I forgot I was even taking them. It was just me, the playground, and the amazing adventure my mind turned it all into. It wasn’t about the clothes or the pose. It was just about having fun and running around with my imagination. After I left that playground, I had never felt so inspired to do something productive. My mind was fixed in a place that didn’t mind pushing out this post into the early morning. So after reading this, do you think you’d be able to answer my question? What captures your imagination? What enables you to break free and be yourself? For me, it’s a playground. It’s fashion. It’s writing. It’s anytime I get the chance to combine them all…

DSCF3109 copy

Find your happy place,

-D. Wills


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