I think one of the most important things we own in this world are our words. I’ve dabbled in a little of everything throughout my life but have always come back to writing as my form of expression. I went through many transition as a writer. At first, I pretty much hid the fact that I could write because there was this stigma about a male just sitting around writing all the time. He should be doing something better with his time like playing a sport or something. However, it’s always been my experience that if you want a guy to do something just involve girls that he wants to impress then he quickly changes his mind.

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I started writing poetry to impress girls plain and simple. Women love when a man is expressive. I’ve never met one that didn’t love hearing how much she’s appreciated. So, I would scribbled in my red notebook every day in class. I’d create a little mystery by always keeping it covered when I wrote inside of it, and the ladies came crawling like moths to flame. Even though my intentions for writing were quite shallow, it has always been a source of comfort. I like sitting in the privacy of my room with the door closed professing my deepest thoughts into the night in my notebook. I don’t believe any writer just writes one type of thing. They be a novelist, blogger or a journalist for their career, but they’re always dabbling into something else. I think I’ve done it all: poetry, short stories, comics, novels, news stories, etc… For some reason, I keep coming back to poetry. It’s one of the most lovely forms I’ve ever known. I think if I could I would probably name my first born after this art because It’s been such an important piece of my life, but I wouldn’t want to scar them for life.

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I’ve recently started back writing again, poetry that is. For a while, I’ve kind of had a mental block on that side of myself, and I wasn’t able to tap into it. I soon figured out that I was so hung up on making it sound good that I wasn’t able to be honest with myself and write some honest to goodness poems. In my new state of being, I’d like to share my newest piece with you. It was dedicated to Mrs. Clark Gent for our recent three year anniversary.

I Never Expected

It started off just like any other night
After so long It became a routine of empty wine cooler bottles
And the incoherent mumbles of television chatter
Droned out by the hearty laughter of two souls
One wandering
One exploring
Discovering that there is still hope for their opposite sex after all
But these nights always ended so awkwardly
Silently because neither one of us wanted to say good bye
Couldn’t bear to take another one of those walks into the night
That left our bodies aching from the urge to be touched
Sought after and satisfied
It started off just like any other night
But it transitioned into a kiss
And I was hooked
There weren’t any butterflies in my stomach
Just a carnal hunger
A primal instinct to put everything into this woman
And leaving nothing left of her but a smile
And an orgasm that would forever rumble at the cradle of her existence
All I wanted to do was f**k
Plunge my sexual frustrations
Into the four corners of her
And leave her lying there
But as my stroke rampaged her chastity
Something was happening
All of me was sealed neatly into the rubber
But pieces of me were still getting inside of her
her broken heart was chipping away at mine
And we were making an emotional mess all over the night
There weren’t any tears
Only a medley of noises
That was a disturbance to anyone else
But to those two souls inside of those four walls
We were sampling a song
My father’s father’s father
Sang to my mother’s mother’s mother
When we could finally let each other go.
he and she no longer existed
As two chocolate deities lay tangled in a bed together preordained by the Almighty Himself
They waited for their worlds to stop shaking
So the sun could split the horizon
And they start their lives together…

Let me know what you think. I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much Jas…

-D. Wills


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