The First Ever Clark adGENTure!!!

I’ve been trying to get downtown and shoot some pictures for a post even before I started writing a blog. Downtown Mobile is place with a culture all of its own. When I finally found the opportunity to go down there I jumped on it. However as I was taking pictures and looking over them, I couldn’t think of a story or an idea to go with the post. It kind of felt like the story should be less about my clothes and more about the adventure itself. So, I took hold of my fedora and embarked on a mini adventure around Downtown Mobile. I was delighted to be accompanied by my fellow blogger and beautiful girlfriend Mrs. Clark Gent. We’ve just come off of celebrating our three year anniversary, and I think this was an excellent end to a wonderful celebration for us. We even got the chance to sample some of the local cuisine from a little place called Mama’s. Therefore, I’m deviating from my regular dialogue and letting my pictures do all of the talking. I present to you a tale of a great location, great food, great pictures and even greater fashion!


DSCF3016 copy


DSCF3073 copy





DSCF3054 copy





-D. Wills


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