Style and Seek

Yesterday, One of my coworkers told me that she’s never known another straight man that dresses the way I do. I have no idea to whether this was a compliment or not, but I’m definitely taking it as such. Anyone who is into fashion and personal style like I am knows the struggle it is some days to consistently put together great outfits. When we get a compliment, we gladly accept it.


I was recently asked by a fellow blogger in an interview “what does style mean to me?” In the face of such a tall question, I was completely dumbfounded. I was staring into thin air like the question was a fixture hanging from the ceiling. Here I am three days a week talking about fashion in general and taking the time to pick what I consider to be amazing outfits, and I’m frozen in front of the question regarding my personal definition of style.


The only thing that came to mind was my process for getting dressed. There’s always something I come across in my closet, usually some kind of accessory, that I really want to wear. With that in mind, I start putting together my ensemble based on the obsession be seen in this piece. Take my orange baseball cap for example, I really wanted it to be the center piece of my outfit. I wanted it to be the first thing people noticed when they saw me walking up. With this outfit, I could have done a number of things differently, but these pieces came together to present me a product that really made me happy.


With this, my meaning of style came to me. Simply, it’s a series a choices. In a sea of interchangeable pieces, we make the clear choice to outfit ourselves in an array clothes until we finally find that perfect look. Whether it’s an accessory we love or a particular look we want to go for, we do everything we can to make something that we absolutely love to look at in the mirror.


It’s this idea that makes me fall in love with fashion all over again because each of us can make it exactly what we want it to be. Think about it. What inspires you to put together a killer outfit. What does style mean to you?

Happy three year anniversary to the most amazing woman I know. Now, known to the blogging world as Mrs. Clark Gent. Make sure you stop by her page and wish her congratulations. Tell her Clark Gent sent you. 😉


-D. Wills


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