Meet Me After School

I didn’t think it’d take me this long to sit down and actually write something. I kind of fell off of the radar and unintentionally took some time for myself. Now, it feels like I’m sitting back in class after a five day weekend, and I have to figure out how to take notes all over again. Schools out for the summer, but you’ll still catch me rocking a backpack even after all of the kids have been set free for the summer.


Just like purses, I considered backpacks a nuisance. The only thing I needed to carry was my wallet, phone, and keys. My motto was if it couldn’t fit in my pocket, I didn’t need to take it with me. In those days, my pants were a heck of a lot baggier, so I should have been able to carry whatever I wanted with no problem. My motto hasn’t deviated too far in regards to the objects I carry with me in my travels, but I find my backpack a comforting companion I couldn’t see myself without now. Even if I’m not walking with it, I at least have it in the car with me.


My obsession with fashion backpacks started with a cognac color leather one I came across at Charlotte Russe. Sadly, it isn’t here with me today, but it will always be remembered. It caught my eye the minute I saw it on the floor. At the time, I was still carrying everything in my pockets. However, I caught the bag on sale for $15, and the rest was style history. I was tossing everything into that bag. It was so convenient, and it went with almost any ensemble you could think of.


Even though I haven’t been able to find a backpack to replace my first, I’ve been able to put together a decent collection to keep up with my ever expanding wardrobe. One reason why my first bag couldn’t stand the test of time was I loaded her down with anything and everything. Guys and maybe girls, the secret to pulling off the backpack look is to only store the necessities inside of it. There’s no need to be living out of it even though there maybe a time when that comes.


Here is everything that is always in my backpack without fail. As you can see, toiletries make up the majority of my contents inside of my backpack. Remember this isn’t your backpack from school. This one can’t take the same kind of beating. Otherwise, you end up like me and lose a great companion for those journeys away from home.


Well wishes from Clark Gent and his backpack clan!

-D. Wills


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