The Shoulders I Stand On

For me, starting this blog was an adventure into a brave new world. Doing something like this is completely out of my comfort zone. Three days of week, I do more than just take few pictures and write about them. I sharing various facets of my life in a public setting. Since starting Clark Gent, I’ve had people who’ve seen my blog ask me about starting up their own blog. My best advice is to find a few blogs that you love, follow them every day, and study their blog down to the smallest letter. With that, I figured I’d share my favorite blogs that were the inspiration for me to embark on my own style journey.

Style Girlfriend

Meet Megan Collins, she’s the author of Style Girlfriend. I quickly fell in love with her blog because I had a similar experience with a woman helping me with my fashion. The style advice and tips she was offering were similar to the ones my girlfriend gave as I transitioned into a cleaner look. Her blog is great because she preaches the basics of men’s fashion: clothes with a great fit and a decent price. If you’re trying to upgrade your style, she’s a great place for advice to start.

Scout Sixteen

Justin Livingston is the stylish brain behind Scout Sixteen. He has this amazing casual style that I am so jealous of. I got the idea to don the floral print shirt from one of his posts. Many of his posts center around his cool personal style, and he always offer the places where he got each of his pieces. I’m mainly into his photography. Every picture he takes always looks so natural, and looks like he’s having a lot of fun. It’s still taking me some time to get use to being in front of the camera, but I take my modeling cues from him.


I’ve been following Galla’s blog for about a year, and I still don’t know how to pronounce his name. I came across his blog after finding Scout Sixteen. I definitely enjoy his blog for his style and photography, but I love how his OOTD of the day mimics the backdrop he poses in front of. What I love most about the blog is that every blog post is a story. The story is told through his clothes and backgrounds. I mimic his posts writing style. In my pictures, I like to talk about what was going on with me on the day I wore my outfit more so than talk subtle nuisances I went through to put it together.


The style blog DapperLou is what Clark Gent will be in about five years. Louge’ Delcy’s style is so amazing. His has a personal style that I cannot even describe, but you can see how amazing it is just by looking at. Normally, there aren’t many pictures of him on his website. He usually does a lot of street style photography. Being one of the first African-American bloggers I came across. I instantly identified with him because he looks like me. Not to mention, he’s crafted a signature into his style: the Panama Hat.

Dandy Project

Izzy Tuason was the first style blog I discovered. He is another one that has a style all of his own. He also gave me some invaluable advice about starting a fashion blog. In blogging you can write whatever you want, all you need to do is believe in what you’re writing and stay true to yourself. Izzy covers fashion shows, talks to designers, style models, and photographs some of the stylish people you’ve ever seen. I mimicked Galla’s writing style, but I copied the Dandy Project’s format to his posts. They always manage to be visually interesting and cleverly written. Eventually, I plan on pushing Clark Gent to being more than just a personal style blog and cover some of the things he does on his blog.

I checks these blogs every day. I look at each of these, and I can see what Clark Gent can become if I continue to push myself. If you’re interesting in blogging, completely immerse yourself into it and never be afraid to hit the shutter button…

-D. Wills

I claim none of this photography as my own. All of the pictures used above came from the perspective blogs in which I borrowed them from.


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