Black Shades and Floral Prints

Today felt like one of those vacation days. The sun was relentless too, but I couldn’t ask for better weather. I’ve been wanting to get into a floral shirt for a long time. I haven’t owned one until recently and I never thought I would find one that would look this good on me.


When I saw this one hanging up in the Goodwill, it was like we were made for each other. I thought I wouldn’t get around to wearing her until some time in July, but I was inspired by the beautiful weather. For me, this was a really great outfit. The colors were vibrant, but I think the best part of the whole thing was the sunglasses.


I’m a sunglasses fanatic. I’m not quite sure where the obsession comes from. I’d like to think that I love them so much because the beach is one of my favorite places. I won’t announce how many I own, but these black wayfarers are the foundation of my collection. If you’re a rookie in the sunglasses game, this is definitely the pair to start off with. Wayfarers fit just about every face shape, and you can find these at any store. I got these from Charlotte Russe for $5.


If you can’t tell from some of my recent posts, I love clothes, but I’m cheap. When I first starting getting into fashion, I read GQ religiously. The only problem was everything their models wore was insanely expensive. As an unemployed graduate, I can’t live that kind of lifestyle right now (one day though!). However, I was taught one important lesson for putting together an amazing outfit: the fit.


I buy all of my pants in a slim cut. They don’t have to be super skinny. My shirts are usually an athletic cut, and I love the ones that are made with spandex woven into them. With men’s fashion becoming a booming business, these clothing specifications aren’t even hard to find. I’m not about to go off into a rant. However, feel free to a comment on any of my posts or send me an email. I love talking about fashion. It doesn’t matter the gender or age group. I started this blog because I love talking about fashion. Also, I tend to get on people’s nerves once they get me going. So, feel free to comment on any of my posts or send me an email. I’m always up for a friendly chat.


Enjoy your day!

-D. Wills


8 thoughts on “Black Shades and Floral Prints

  1. You are real serious huh! I see you indulge in GW (Goodwill). The best place for surprise shopping at low cost and best fit. What you get is the preshrunk clothes that are sure to fit you like originally purchased. Bold look. Not many can pull it off..Good job.

    • I’m definitely serious about this fashion thing. Clark Gent is my baby!… I shop at Goodwill likes it’s nobody business. I’m surprised most of the associates don’t know me by now… Thanks for the love!

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