Thrift Store Adventures 2

Didn’t imagine I’d be back in a thrift store so soon, but its hard to keep kid away from his favorite playground though. Today, I found myself in Plato’s Closet. It was my sole intention to sale a couple of pieces, but there was a twenty minute wait. Just try not judge. The rest of my errands were done, so I didn’t have anything else to do except have a look around. This wasn’t my usual haul, but I did snag two items that have me excited.


This picture above doesn’t do the pants justice. They’re made by Mossimo a brand from Target, my favorite place to buy pants. These linen pants are a straight-leg cut, not my usual slim cut, but I somehow still fell in love with them. I will definitely be rolling the pant legs up, so I can go sockless and show a little ankle. I found an awesome nautical sweater that matched it perfectly. Sadly, it wasn’t my size. However, it does look good with the other item I grabbed.


I know this looks like an ordinary tangerine polo, but it’s not. This one is made by Duck Head. I feel old talking about this because this brand was HUGE when I was in elementary school. It was probably the Ralph Lauren Polo of my day. The shirt fits amazing! When I see solid color shirts like this whether it be polo, t-shirt or button-down, I try to grab them any chance I can especially when they’re at a reasonable price. They are the foundations of a great wardrobe.

Round up
Duck Head shirt – $6.00
Mossimo linen pants – $10.00

Really hope my excitement wasn’t too overwhelming in this post. The Duck Head really sent me over the edge. Be sure to visit tomorrow for my next post…

-D. Wills


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