Thrift Store Adventures

It’s Thursday, and Clark Gent is bringing you another post as promised. Wednesday was such a great day for me because I got to do one of my favorite fashion activities (if there is such a thing): thrifting.



Thrifting is all about the thrill of the hunt. To be successful, you need have patience and a great eye for fashion. And it’s always better to do it with a friend which is why I brought my girlfriend along.


When I go thrifting, I’m not just looking for clothes. I’m looking for anything that’s useful. It’s only a coincidence that clothes make up the bulk of my purchase. What can I say? Thrift stores are my playground, and clothes are like the merry-go-round. It’s the first thing I go to when I get there, but it’s definitely not the only thing. Make sure you take a look around the entire store. You’ll be surprised by the things people are willing to give away. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and think about some of the stuff you’ve trashed or put in the donation bins.


This thrfiting adventure wasn’t my usual haul when I leave out with about three bags. I guess my thrift store karma is running a little low. I did manage to find a few staple pieces that will do well in my wardrobe. My favorite one has to be the Hawaiian shirt. It’s a short sleeve button down with a modern cut, so it doesn’t give me that boxy silhouette that traditional Hawaiian shirts are known for. With that, I’ll end things with a round-up of everything Jasmine and I found on our adventure.









Hawaiian shirt – $3.99
Backpack – $4.99
Pinstriped button-down – $4.99
Plaid shirt $3.99
Total: $17.87

Flats – $4.99
Heels – $5.99
Yellow bathing suit – $2.99
Green bathing suit -$2.99
Jacket – $6.99
Printed button-down – $4.99
Total: $28.94

As you see, we didn’t do too bad at all, and this was a slow day.

-D. Wills


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