It’s A Dandy Day to Graduate!!

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It’s been exactly one week since my last post, and I know there were a FEW of you wondering what happened to Clark Gent. Well, I managed to survive a hellish week and escaped just in time to attend my girlfriend’s graduation. Cheers all around!!!


I fully intended to capture some style shots of both graduates and guests, but the shoot was completely upstage by Jasmine Nekole Holly (the girlfriend previously mentioned). Just one year ago, I was in the exact same seat as her, and I can say that I was happier attending hers than I was my own.


Graduations are a testament to human growth and development. She came to Spring Hill College only expecting to get a degree but like any other person she got so much more. I think the one of the most important things she got was the amazing people she met along this journey. I’m proud to say that I was a part of such an EPIC journey



In celebrating her accomplishments, it made me realize the bigger picture of my blog. Clark Gent isn’t just about snapping pictures of myself and talking about the latest trends. It captures the places and the people I experience. It’s about inspiring others and pushing myself to try new things that will give me an interesting post for you all to read. Which is why anyone who saw me at the graduation caught me wearing a bow tie. I never thought I would see the day when I would be wearing a bow tie. I’ve always worn neck ties. The only guys I thought could pull one off is Andre 3000 and clowns.


My first day as a dandy was much better than I expected. I found out two things that day: bow ties are a quirky accessory and Clark Gent does quirky quite well.


The bow tie was a big hit. I believe no matter how prominent it becomes in men’s fashion it’ll never overshadow the neck tie, but that’s what makes it an instant style upgrade. Everyone expects men to wear a neck tie in any kind of formal or business attire setting. Throw a bow tie on with a button down and watch everyone try to get their balance back.


These things are fun to wear but a monster to tie. It took me several hours and a couple of Youtube videos to finally figure out the secret to tie the knot right. Just remember to learn to tie it before the actual occassion, I didn’t, and this outfit almost wasn’t a reality. This post ended up way longer than I anticipated. So thank you for checking in. Expect to be hearing from me every TUESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY. Until then, I’ll leave you all with a couple of photos from the graduation…




-D. Wills


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